Recent Before & After Photos

General Cleaning in Steuben County

SERVPRO doesn't just do water and fire cleanup. We also do a lot of general cleaning. These before and after pictures show layers of dust built up in this old p... READ MORE

Water Damage in PA

It may be hard to tell from the before picture, but the ceiling in this home was heavily water damaged. So much so that the whole ceiling had to be torn down. T... READ MORE

Water Damage in Chemung County

As you can see from the before photo, this home's carpet was completely saturated in their finished basement. Often times on water losses, carpets have to be re... READ MORE

Water Loss in Schuyler County

A water loss in this Schuyler County caused the ceiling tiles to become saturated and buckle. We are able to save some and dry out the ceiling cavity along with... READ MORE

Water Loss in PA

This ceiling caved in as a result of a broken pipe upstairs. There was extensive damage due to the blown in insulation and the wet drywall. After taking down th... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Loss in Chemung County

The local business suffered a toilet backup in their office. As a result of the sewage the bathroom and kitchen area both had to be treated due to contamination... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Schuyler County

This business was hit with some heavy flooding in their basement. You can see from the before picture that the water was quite high. The good thing was there wa... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Chemung County

With Spring upon us, flooding is almost inevitable in our area. Whether it is from melting snow or heavy rains, it is important to be prepared (see our blog pag... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Chemung County

This water loss came to us along with 2 other neighboring houses. Flooding from the storm and improper drainage at a nearby high school football field resulted ... READ MORE

General Cleaning in Chemung County

This general cleaning job was a result of years of accumulation. When jobs like this come to us, we understand that it can be overwhelming. We are always here t... READ MORE